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2018/04/22 Nobakht: New Step Required to Accelerate Economic Growth.
Nobakht: New Step Required to Accelerate Economic Growth.


Dr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, head of Plan and Budget Organization visited Isfahan Science and Technology Town accompanied by Dr. Gholami, minister of Science, Research and Technology, and was welcomed by the town’s management and personnel. He also visited the Shaikh-Bahai Science and Technology Park, unveiling three new products, namely, the first machine for physical vapor deposition of super hard coatings (p.v.d), the flight simulator with the ability of 360-degree rotation, and the Nano-powder of yttrium oxide.

Then he visited the first phase of Abou-Rayhan Grand Park of Science and Technology, the second park of this kind in the town, which is as large as 20 hectares and houses 14,500 square km of construction. This phase which includes 8,000 square meters of indoor complexes to house as many as 60 knowledge-based companies and three industrial sheds to house 12 technologic companies. The whole project is estimated to cost 180 billion rilas to complete, 140 billion of which is budgeted through bank loans, and the rest is provided by the government.

Afterwards, the head of Plan and Budget Organization and the minister of Science, Research and Technology, along with Isfahan’s premier, the head of the province’s Administration and Planning Organization, the mayor of Isfahan, deputy premier and governor of Kashan, deans of University of Isfahan and Isfahan University of Technology, and head of the science and technology town, had a meeting in Shaykh-Bahai meeting hall to sign the agreement for construction of Qiathaddin Jamshid Kashani Park of Science and Technology in Kashan and the agreement for construction of the Center for Urban Technology Growth in Isfahan.

“The main objective of ‘resistive economy’ is to pursue a constant and dynamic 8 percent growth” said Dr. Nobakht during the meeting, pointing out the government’s efforts during the past 4 years to reverse the country’s economic growth from negative to positive. “Such a growth will not be reached just by the government’s investment, and a major part of this vision is attained only by following the approaches emphasized by the Iranian Supreme Leader such as the growth needing to be knowledge-based, done by private sector, endogenous, and justice-based.”

“Actually the government does not endorse the current approach towards our needs and we need to accelerate our attempts. Accordingly, strengthening the bases of knowledge is stressed in ‘resistance economy’ policies, so that the elixir needed by the industry would be obtained through science and technology parks, which is a necessity in the present conditions” emphasized the president’s advisor.

“To accomplish this mission, we will utilize the 734,000 rial budget of 2018-19 and the capacity of the budget for 2019-2020 which will be finalized during the coming months; although we are currently faced with a shortage of the budget, to maintain the economic development we have to focus on the capacity of some sectors such as the knowledge-based companies which are able to facilitate some kind of synergy with other sectors” he added.

In the end, the head of the Plan and Budget Organization addressed the young technologists present in the meeting, discussing his visit to the town. “You have presented your capabilities today, and we are convinced. I have received your suggestions, and as the government’s representative, I promise to exploit the capacity of the budget for not only this year but also the year to come” suggested the government’s spokesman.

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