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Management and Planning Organization of Isfahan province Management and Planning Organization of Isfahan province
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Introduction of Management and Planning Organization of Esfahan Province

This organization has the important responsibilities of the province in the affairs of the Programming, Budgeting, Human Resources, Statistics and Education and Research of government agencies, and as the secretariat of the Planning and Development Council of the province plays a key role in the provincial macroeconomic decision making.

Description of the organization's tasks:

§ Coordination and guidance of the provincial planning system within the framework of the country's planning system.

§ Study, preparation and compilation of long-term, mid-term and short-term economic, social and cultural development programs of the province.

§ Preparation and compilation of territorial planning plan of the province in the framework of national planning regulations of the country in accordance with the capacities and geographical facilities of the province.

§ Review, preparation of administrative plans and policies for employment and investment in the province.

§ Formulation, distribution, communication, trade agreements, and allocating funds in the framework of the regulations, circulars and guidelines annual budget.

§ Monitoring and Evaluation provincial Plan and Budget.

§ Monitoring and implementation of technical projects (acquisition of capital assets) National and provincial and reporting of progress and evaluate them.

§ Determine eligibility and ranking and evaluation of contractors, consultants and experts in the promotion and strengthening the capacity and quality of them.

§ Leadership and management development of human capital at the level of provincial executive agencies.

§ Steering establishment of E-government, the cycle efficient and modern management systems at the provincial level.

§ Monitoring and evaluation of comprehensive performance management including plans, policies, processes, activities and projects in the province.

§ Monitor the implementation of technical and administrative system, regulations and technical standards, at the provincial level.

§ Operation and implementation of statistical activities within the statistical system of the country, mapping and presentation of spatial information.

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