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Management and Planning Organization of Isfahan province Management and Planning Organization of Isfahan province
2020/11/02 Pursuing the approvals in the forty-ninth meeting
Pursuing the approvals in the forty-ninth meeting

The forty-ninth meeting of the Leadership and Management Headquarter of the Resistance Economy of Isfahan province was held in the presence of the governor of Isfahan and the managers of the executive organs of the province at 8:30 on Thursday, October 29 in the governor's meeting hall and the resolutions of the previous meeting were reviewed.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Akbari, the Head of the Management and Planning Organization of the province and the secretary of the headquarter, referred to the agenda. In this meeting, which lasted until 10:30 AM, the previous approvals of the headquarter were followed up, and in each case, the officials in charge of implementing the decree explained the latest status of the implementation of the decree.

Dr. Rezaei, the governor of Isfahan and the head of the Leadership and Management of the Resistance Economy, said at the end of the meeting: "Today, our most important issue is the daily livelihood of the people and the relevant agencies should enter the field with jihadi and Basij management." Referring to the plans of the resistance economy, he said: "Creative plans and innovations should be presented in the direction of the resistance economy, and in addition, plans should be presented to reduce the degree of dependence on the outside world."

Referring to the reconstruction and renovation plan of 800 buses by the municipality, he said: At present, each bus is purchased for about five billion tomans, in which 280 million tomans of buses will be completely reconstructed. Also, converting the current 10,000 motorcycles to electric motorcycles is another plan in this field, which will be distributed as a pilot project by solving problems and issues between Omid Entrepreneurship and the Central Bank. This project has been implemented with the aim of eliminating air pollution because a high percentage of pollution in Isfahan is related to motorcycles.

The governor of Isfahan, pointing out that the municipality of Isfahan has received 600 billion tomans in the form of participation bonds for the implementation of Metro Line 2, said: It was decided to hold a consortium between the relevant companies and Isfahan Municipality based on Article 10 of the Law on Protection of the Transportation System.

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